Precisely Why Bank With RHB Malaysia?

RHB MY: Our Historical background and Prices

RHB Banking Group MY is over A hundred years old! In combination with personal, business and Islamic banking, various other services are on the market, such as commercial vehicle insurance, investments, and loans. RHB has won many prizes because of their work, like the Finance Asia Awards, Bursa Excellence Awards, and more. They have already been indispensable in the direction of Malaysia’s economy using its in-depth economic research.

Personal Banking with RHB

RHB has various personal banking solutions for customers at all stages of life- whether you’ve just begun working or prefer to change to a bank with better interest rates, we have everything. If you require a loan, our possibilities include home financing to auto financing, with variable settlement schemes. Applying for a credit card is likewise hassle-free, and includes unique presents and discount rates.

RHB Investment Strategies

If you want to start investing but have no idea where to start, our experts at RHB are here to help. The range isn’t a buffer either for our competing remittance rates and services- you can send money around the globe! Additionally, we’ve safe deposit boxes for sale in proper bases across the nation to safely store your belongings.

RHB Bank

RHB Business Accounts

Here at RHB, we’re extremely pleased to support local companies with our fast and efficient account beginning process. RHB’s commercial loans can be purchased if you’re starting, and appropriate for any specific business owner. Additionally, there are enticing policy ways for your employees and business- stay protected with RHB.

RHB and Organization Investment decisions

Help your business go that step further along with our business banking solutions. RHB may help your business with financial commitment selections, along with any trade financing services you may require. We’ve industry experts in both import and export industries, who are here to guide your projects. Our SME Knowledge Center is also a one-stop help centre where one can get expert consultancy to develop your business.

Conventional vs Islamic Banking at RHB

There are many advantages to owning an Islamic banking account compared to a conventional account. In financing, the consumer wouldn’t need to pay a lot more than the agreed maximum amount. When you’ve got a fixed-deposit account, there are also up-front profits with the account holder. Islamic Banking is open for all those, regardless of religious beliefs.

RHB Now Banking Online and Mobile App

Send money from the convenience of your own phone with RHB Now Banking. With simply an instant download of the app from a phone’s app store, you can actually connection your accounts quickly from any place. The app also can let you pay your bills or buy prepaid calling cards. Our a lot of quick guideline videos can help you put in place the app.

RHB along with your Future

Join the RHB family for all your investment needs! There is something for everybody here, from own to company. Along with our versatile and various possibilities, you possibly can make the best selections for your future. RHB also offers in-depth customer service for any issues you may appear on. Learn more about RHB commercial vehicle insurance at