PUMA in The World of Sports

One of the top sports brands in the world, PUMA is known for designing products for world-class athletes and sports teams, such as gym trainers, whether they compete in basketball, football, golf, jogging and training, or racing. Herzogenaurach, Germany, is home to PUMA’s headquarters, and more than 14,000 people work there from more than 120 different nations.


The Brand Story of PUMA

Founded by brothers Rudolf and Adolf Dassler in 1919, PUMA originates from humble beginings as a small factory in Germany. In 1936, Jesse Owens won four gold medals at the Olympic Games in Berlin, all while sporting Dassler spikes. Since then, more world class athletes are seen wearing Dassler shoes, creating an international breakthrough.

PUMA Sports

From comfortable football jerseys to durable golf clubs, PUMA provides a range of stylish sports apparel and equipment for athletes. PUMA apparel are designed for teamsports, track and field, basketball and more — you can also wear PUMA apparel when taking a time-out. Explore apparels for all ages here at PUMA.

PUMA’s Business Philosophy

As a sports company, PUMA recognises the importance of sustainability in sports. They recognise shortcomings and strengthens them towards the goal of sustainability. PUMA believes in integrating sustainability into every aspect of the manufacturing processes for all products – from sourcing raw materials to the manufacturing stage, both socially and environmentally.

PUMA: Culture of Firsts

PUMA strives to be on the forefront of innovation to meet our athletes’ needs, with adaptive Dynamics as one of the principles that guides PUMA Innovation. This principle is the pursuit of creating products that adapt to human body movement and the environment based on thermoregulation, movement or fit, which led to the creation of PUMA’s self-lacing Fit Intelligence Training Shoe.

Reform, Equality for All

Criminal justice systems are skewed as a result of racial and social inequities; as a result, PUMA supports groups like the ACLU and REFORM Alliance who fight for systemic changes. PUMA is firmly opposed to all types of social injustice, prejudice, and inequality and works to promote worthwhile activities that contribute to a more just society.

Perodua: Developing Autos For Malaysians

Exactly About Perodua

Perodua, or Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua, is probably the most significant vehicle manufacturing companies in Malaysia. In its beginning, it had been mostly noted for making minicars and super minicars. Using a tagline of “Constructing Autos, Folks Initial”, it is actually apparent why Perodua may be the favoured auto brand name for Malaysians.


How Perodua Started out And Transformed Malaysia

Perodua started working in 1993 and introduced its initially vehicle, the Perodua Kancil in 1994. Now, Perodua has distinct vehicles to meet the needs of numerous Malaysians. Nonetheless, from all the sedans and the SUV Malaysia loves, men and women favoured their Axia and Myvi by far the most while they became the most marketed automobile types in Malaysia. From 2006 to 2013, the Myvi was the ideal selling vehicle in Malaysia.

Perodua Myvi: Malaysians’ Selection Of Automobile

Since it was introduced in 2005, the Myvi has become a most liked for Malaysians for many reasons. It’s sleek and lightweight auto design and style appealed to fresh motorists. With an excellent value linked, the automobile gives comfort and self confidence with extra security and safety capabilities, so that it is an apparent option for buyers. It’s very clear why Perodua Myvi remains to be popular.

Everyone Can Afford An Automobile With Axia

Perodua Axia was launched in 2014. This more recent design appealed to a lot of first-time automobile consumers as it is one of the most competitive small automobiles in the marketplace. The built-in EEV generator designed increased gasoline intake and disturbance decrease, adding to the need for owning an Axia. Clients are certain performance and also benefit once they travel the Axia.

Aruz, The Sporty SUV

The Perodua Aruz is the newest model by Perodua. This is a seven-seater SUV with all the gas-effective EEV generator. Having a athletic and active design and style and special accents, the Perodua Aruz is pleasurable to look at. In case you have an Aruz, traveling in your location will certainly be enjoyable and comfy.

Perodua Alza: The Versatile MPV

Following within its brand of even bigger vehicles will be the Perodua Alza, an MPV which prides on its versatility. It may be manufactured into a seven-seater whenever you need to have that extra room. Otherwise, you can preserve it in their organic status, a five-seater. Keeping in mind the highway travels that Malaysians tend to make during festive conditions, also, it is outfitted with all the tiny essentials that can make a getaway more comfortable.

Bezza, Perodua’s Very first Sedan

As a enhance to the Axia hatchback, the Perodua Bezza is Perodua’s initial sedan vehicle. The Bezza was made with a focus on gasoline-efficiency, using a lightweight generator which makes little vibrations and sound. With elegant designs and various colours from which to choose, the Perodua Bezza performs as well as its excellent aesthetics.

Perodua’s Effect On Malaysia

Perodua is useful from the day to day of Malaysian daily life. More than 10 years, they produced automobiles for all. Ask anybody concerning their first vehicle their response is most likely the Kancil. The Myvi remains because the country’s preferred. Because of this, Malaysians could foresee a fresh nationwide car soon to be created by Perodua.

Perodua Only Aspires To Find The Best

Every single Perodua motor vehicle is constructed with high quality and Malaysians at heart. From MPV and SUV Malaysia adores, their varied collection of vehicles makes certain that no Malaysian is left behind in their vision. Perodua allows the individuals the drive and flexibility which we all are worthy of. Discover more about us and our cars at http://www.perodua.com.my.

A Brand New Development By LBS Bina

A closer look at Property In Malaysia

Malaysia’s real estate market is ever-growing. From landed property to high-rise condominiums, these projects go beyond just giving housing. That will the people, the government features various guidance that includes financial aid, financial aid, and bank loan schemes for consumers. These alternatives are available so Malaysians can have their particular home.

LBS Bina: Developing Spaces And Communities

Since LBS’s listing in Bursa Malaysia in 2002, they have had the eyesight of becoming an international developer improving community experiencing great spaces. LBS’ projects include residences, retail store units as well as the tourism industry. For their tremendous performance, they also have garnered a lot of awards and popularity including Malaysia Property Awards and Best Developers in Malaysia.

Landed Homes In Cybersouth

Landed homes like terrace houses are accessible at Kita @ Cyberhouse. Kita Bayu and Kita Harmoni are four-bedroom and three-bathroom double-story homes. With a built-up of 1,447 sq. ft., these homes are brilliant for loved ones. The roomy interior and enjoyable living surrounding excellent families to flourish and expand.

Kita Bayu Townhouses

The Kita Bayu perumahan baru townhouses in Cybersouth are for people looking for a cozy living space. Both upper and lower units are separated and contain three bedrooms and two bathrooms. This means that families or tenants could have their own private living spaces that are secure and cozy.

Apartments At Kita @ Cybersouth

Possess a serviced apartment at Cybersouth with Kita Impian. With two unique-sized units of 551 sq. ft. or 901 sq. ft., people could choose a high-rise unit that could be beneficial to them. Several facilities are in particular residences, such as a pool, gym, general hall, and a lot more. These high-rise homes are perfect for young Malaysians aiming to own real estate.

Aspects Of Residing in A Fantastic Location

There are many advantages to residing in a proper spot like Cybersouth. Based in Dengkil, the township’s closeness to Putrajaya and Cyberjaya means that neighborhoods could easily access shopping malls, government services, schools, and hospitals. These services will improve the community in Cybersouth even more.

Developed In A Bumiputera Reserve Land

Kita @ Cybersouth perumahan baru is a private and guarded township sited on Malay reserved land totaling about 633 acres. This development containing commercial and home units is set to serve Malaysian family members and communities to build everlasting memories through LBS’ dedication towards quality and imaginative spaces.

Check Out Other LBS Bina Projects

Pay attention to several other LSB projects in the Klang Valley. SkyLane Residences is a high-rise lakeside project offering residential and commercial units. LBS Alam Perdana, is being built by LSB to be the area’s next key development. At Bandar Saujana Putra, LSB is focused on facilitating community building and convenience.

Reside In Kita @ Cybersouth

If you are searching for a great community to live in, look no further than Kita @ Cybersouth. Looking at the strategic place in Dengkil to a variety of home options, there’s always something for each Malaysian. Succeed from a community that is definitely based on all the remarkable facilities supplied by LBS. Find out about Kita @ Cybersouth at https://lbs.com.my/.

Maggi: Malaysian Foods Merchandise

Releasing Maggi

Originated in Switzerland, Maggi was brought to Malaysia by Nestle in 1957 to offer Malaysians food items products they love which includes seasonings and instant noodles. One of Maggi’s results is successful Gold from the 2019 Putra Brand Awards. Malaysians adore Maggi’s goods because it’s halal and may be used to make meals quickly.

What Maggi Delivers

The most popular Maggi items include immediate noodles bought from several flavours like fowl and curry. We have oyster marinade and chilli sauce popular as condiments or improve the flavor of dishes. Our seasoning packs such as chicken and meat cubes also make preparing food simple. Our integrates and fast spaghetti are for you to make foods easily.

Maggi’s Crucial Recipes

We also provide a brochure of quality ayam masak halia recipes made easy with Maggi goods. If you are searching for fowl recipes, you can consider our sambal fowl in soy products marinade or chicken breast rendang produced scrumptious with CukupRasa. For meats enthusiasts, we also have dishes for delightful beef fried noodles and meat dendeng manufactured much better using our stock cubes.


Instantly Delicious Meals with Maggi

Provide a scrumptious and swift rice meal in no headache with our CukupRasa, such as our Chinese fried rice. We offer dishes for fish and shellfish, like shrimps laced with hot and sour preference from MAGGI Tomyum Paste. Trying to find a healthier alternative? Try out our vegetable recipes like fried kangkung belacan or salted sea food kailan using our anchovy cube.

International Dishes With Maggi

Get ready all kinds of cuisines at home with Maggi! Experiment with western tasty recipes like macaroni and dairy products or perhaps the eastern types like the black colored pepper meat blend fry with Maggi’s premix merchandise. Possess a flavor of China with the swift teriyaki poultry recipe, and encounter Arabic foods with Chicken Arab Rice prepared in your tomato sauce and stock cubes.

Exclusive Meals with Maggi

Since Maggi is certainly a highly-acknowledged manufacturer throughout the world, our goods have even been included in dessert dishes. By way of example, kheer, a traditional Indian pudding created from rice and dairy, could also be made using the noodles from Maggi 2-Minute Noodles. On top of that, chefs have included Maggi goods into their treat tasty recipes like potato crisps and more.

Beneficial Guides By Maggi

Receive the best away from cooking ayam masak halia for higher quality family members time using our suggestions. Discover the perfect noodles pairings, the way to fry a seafood similar to a pro, or how food preparation correctly can be good to improve your health, time, and finances around. Also you can learn to organise your kitchen to make full utilisation of the place there with MAGGI.

Choose Maggi Now

To get a quickly and efficient cooking food, select Maggi now. Our items can accentuate a great deal of recipes in accommodating methods to ensure you make food items with substances that are readily available in your kitchen pantry. We have a selection of dishes created to help you get ideas on things to prepare for a day, which is often beneficial when in the recipe rut.

Extensive Coverage With AIG Malaysia

Be Prepared For Uncertainties With AIG Malaysia

We face many uncertainties as we go through our daily lives. Dangerous incidents could happen unpredictably, and it’s best to be prepared by spending money on a good protection plan. With insurance, you can get a financial safety net if something wrong happens. This is where AIG comes in to get you covered in many ways.

AIG Malaysia’s Insurance Plan Offerings

As an individual living in modern times, we have plenty to take care of — be it the new property we purchase, the car that we are driving or our health. Unfortunate events might happen out of the blue, but we might not have the energy and time to deal with them. AIG Malaysia is here to help with various plans for different needs, from home insurance to personal accident insurance,

Travel Without Worry With AIG insurance

Have a worry-free holiday vacation, whether travelling within the country or overseas! With AIG Travel Insurance and insurance claim, you can get up to RM1 million in medical protection when you’re away from your travels. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, you can get coverage up to RM700,000, including quarantine allowance and more.

AIG Malaysia

Home Insurance

Give assurance to your home and its content with AIG. AIG Home Insurance can get your all-inclusive home protection, including your belongings, wherever they are. In any unwanted circumstance where your home is temporarily unlivable, such as flash flood, theft, or fire, this plan also provides alternative accommodation expenses.

Avoid Heavy Losses And Liabilities With AIG Car Insurance

There’s always a risk whenever you’re driving your car, whether commuting to work or going on a short drive. AIG Car Insurance offers coverage for any vehicle damage from accident, fire, or theft. This plan also offers 24 hours, seven days of road assistance whenever you face vehicle breakdowns or any motor emergencies anywhere.

Personal Accident Insurance from AIG

AIG Personal Accident Insurance provides coverage that grows along with you throughout your life journey. Change is the only constant thing in life; therefore, having an insurance plan that keeps up with your life stages is very important. Besides providing coverage for you, your family also enjoy the same protection as they grow. Get this plan online or reach out to our agents for more information.

Are Insurance Plans Necessary?

A comprehensive insurance claim plan can give you peace of mind from many uncertainties in life. With a good insurance plan, you can protect your finances; otherwise, you need to make enormous spending to cover yourself in light of any illnesses or unfortunate accidents. Not only that, but you can also protect your loved ones in case any misfortune befalls them.

Get Comprehensive Protection With AIG Now

Picking a good insurance plan can be strict with so many products in the market. AIG is a place where you can get extensive insurance plans for various aspects of your life. Get a personal insurance plan, travel insurance or an auto insurance plan, all at AIG. Visit https://www.aig.my/personal for more information.

Grow Your Business Bigger with Digital Marketing

These days, having quality products and services is not enough for businesses to succeed; the brand must also be visible online to gain constant customer engagement. Emperikal is a digital marketing agency as well as a social media agency Malaysia prefers that helps your brand craft a digital marketing plan, using social media content creation, performance marketing and web optimisation to let your brand shine in the digital media sphere.

The Story of Emperikal


We are all connected in an online world on multiple platforms — brands and businesses must leverage this to build and expand their customer base. Established in 2017, Emperikal provides digital marketing services to create growth-focused online campaigns, data-driven web optimisation and creative content creation to drive businesses.

Expand Customer Outreach Online

an excellent search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy brings you closer to your business goals by increasing online visibility, expanding customer base and generating leads. We start by conducting keyword research and audience profiling to build an organic marketing funnel. We proceed by improving the website’s technical issues and implementing content to enrich your website’s quality and engagement.

Crafting an Online Presence

At Emperikal, we are all about challenging the status quo. Work with us and push the boundaries of web design from a static three-column layout to give users an immersive brand experience! A good website is a platform that allows for connection and participation with seamless user experience design, visually-pleasing graphics and creative content.

Producing Measurable Results

Bring your business to greater heights with a robust search engine marketing campaign (SEM) to drive traffic to your website. The SEM team at Emperikal devised an SEM campaign to drive results based on these processes: strategic search engine selection, comprehensive keyword research, practical bid strategy, and identifying relevant landing pages.

Setting A Creative Direction

In a dynamic digital landscape, your brand’s marketing needs change and evolve from time to time. Our creative team at Emperikal will deliver the most impressionable visuals to engage your target audience. By utilising eye-catching creative assets in your business strategy, driving sales growth and engaging your target audience is possible. We’ve covered them, from social media images to branding and design.

Social Media & Content Marketing Services

Content marketing adds value to your digital marketing assets. It creates an online presence for your business. Discover your target audience with the help of Emperikal’s content team. We are focused on delivering relatable content tailored to appeal to your audience, optimised for results to achieve your marketing goals. This will increase sales as your active and engaged customer base grows in the long run.

Why Choose Emperikal?

The most impactful advertising highlights products and services that consumers have already expressed interest in. Emperikal is a social media agency Malaysia that aims to help businesses and brands create digital marketing campaigns that maximise revenue and impact through creative services, web development and social media management. Visit our website to find out more.