PUMA: A Legacy Of Efficiency And Magnificence

PUMA, the key sporting activities brand in the world, attracts motivation from sports and fashion trends to make the most effective sportswear for the very best sportsmen, no matter what sporting activities exercise. With well over 14,000 staff throughout the world, PUMA has become constantly pushed to become trendsetter and innovator in item design such as t shirts for women and style within the last 70 years.


From Very humble Roots to International Good results

In 1919, Rudolf and Adolf Dassler started the “Dassler Bros Shoe Factory” inside their German residence, establishing PUMA’s extended legacy of creating high-quality sports boots. Numerous sports athletes, including the popular Jesse Owens, earned golden medals while rivaling Dassler surges throughout the company’s early on several years.

Leaders On / Off The Area

From group athletics, like baseball and rugby, to specific sports, PUMA products sports athletes with the greatest gear in the fields, tracks and courses. From the discipline, PUMA’s belief that athletics can be a lifestyle is noted in their elegant sports clothes patterns that can be worn anywhere, anytime.

Practising Sustainability Through Sports activities

PUMA is devoted to making much better products and making a good influence on the two environment and culture. They strive to improve in several sustainability groups, which includes Fair Income, Products, Wellness & Safety, and much more, by collaborating with stakeholders on the 10FOR25 sustainability strategy. This way, they may produce much better products and give rise to a much better modern society.

PUMA: Constantly First

PUMA strives to continually deliver new, far better, various – significant innovation for activity shifting sportsmen. Pushed by a concept of “”Has anyone done it just before? Is it a first?””, PUMA strives at constantly simply being the first to elevate athletes’ overall performance by connecting the dots between Research, Overall performance design and Feelings.

PUMA #Change

On account of racial and sociable injustices, felony proper rights methods are skewed being a reaction, PUMA works with organisations like the ACLU and REFORM Alliance that combat for architectural enhancements. PUMA is adamantly against all types of societal injustice, bigotry, and inequality, and yes it aims to encourage advantageous pursuits that will help to produce a far more reasonable culture.